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Maxwell Geospatial Intelligence pioneers providing digital orthophotography, GIS basemapping, and LiDAR services and products to the public and private sector, developing mapping solutions and data management for economic and industrial development, land use, planning, emergency response systems, resource management and health and human services.

Our Capacity and Expertise Enable Us to Perform Your Project Successfully

Our objective is to deliver the highest quality products that meet not only your accuracy requirements but also your mapping and engineering goals. This begins with understanding your needs, determining the best approach to your project, and developing/serving quality mapping products in an efficient manner.

Maxwell Geospatial Intelligence is a leading provider of geospatial data services; our success can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to the quality of our products, our exceptional partners, Maxwellians, and our investment in equipment and technical resources as well as the satisfaction of our clients. 


Training Center



Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Digital orthophotography

Aerial survey acquisition / aerial photography / data acquisition


Topographic and planimetric mapping

Data processing 

Augmented Reality

3D Digital Modeling/ Animation 


Training Center



We form strategic partnerships with some of the best hardware and software technology manufacturers across the industries we excel in so we can provide our clients a one stop shop which they can fully rely on and trust with the comprehensive product support and backing of the technology they desire or we advise on acquiring that will tremendously boost their ROI.

Hardware: Wingtra UAV , Maxwell GNSS System, Customised drones.

Software: Pix4D, customised. 

Training Center

Training Center

Training Center


Maxwell Geospatial Intelligence provides one of the globe's highest quality drone and engineering softwares training with a simple yet comprehensive model for enterprise clients, government agencies, public safety departments, and individuals.

We provide customisable comprehensive training programs that feature in-person hands-on training on flight training, instructions on attaining a commercial remote pilot license, scenario-based online training, and mission specific advanced training 

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