Maxwell provides a wide range of GIS services including design, integration, implementation, data creation and data maintenance.

GIS Designs

  Maxwell develops custom GIS designs that combine the latest technological innovations with the unique requirements of your organization’s workflows. Our design services and products include on-site consulting with your organization to improve workflow and information maintenance, pilot projects/proof of concept development, geodatabase feature class development that optimizes spatial integrity and robust attribution schemas, annotation feature class development, topological structuring and validation rules, and enterprise geodatabase security and versioning schemas.

GIS Maintenance Data

Maxwell’s experience and dedication to mapping technology allows us to efficiently perform and deliver GIS data maintenance in legacy (hard-copy) and digital formats, including MicroStation Reprographics, CAD, and ArcGIS. Maxwell’s services include cadastral GIS updates, customised change record forms detailing each completed change, acreage calculations and reports based on updated soils polygons for agricultural parcels, custom mapping projects, including corporate boundary issues, land-use analysis, etc.

GIS Integration

Maxwell has developed several integration strategies and services to bring your information systems together in order to maximize the efficiency of maintaining multiple databases as well as the potential of GIS to communicate ideas and make decisions. Maxwell’s integration services include GIS and CAMA integration, GIS and document imaging integration, GIS and addressing workflows, customised workflows, and thematic mapping.

GIS Data Creation

Maxwell’s professional staff includes experienced technicians that have created GIS features for different organizations nationwide. Maxwell’s expertise in data creation includes, but is not limited to cadastral GIS, planimetric mapping, administrative district mapping, addressing, utilities mapping, and GIS data conversion.

GIS Implementation

Critical planning, management, training, and solutions are all required to ensure success of your geospatial program for years to come. Maxwell’s GIS implementation expertise includes workflow analysis, project management, integration, training, plotting solutions, and technical support.