GIS Courses

Maxwell's Training Center offers a variety of courses related to GIS operationtions. We have different courses designed for experienced people as well as people with no previous knowledge. We offer different tracks as well as stand alone courses that target various topics in GIS.  This is a list of the main courses covered at our training center.


Introduction to GIS

This is an introductory course that discusses what is GIS and how it can be used. It is designed for beginners who will work with different components of the ArcGIS software . You will learn tools in Arcgis to create basic maps, work with different geographic data, analyze data and discover patterns.

GIS Essential Workflow

In this course you will learn fundamental skills to use geographic information and maps in GIS.  You will organize, create, and edit accurate maps and  learn to manage, symbolize and label map layers for better visualization. This will to visualize and understand GIS maps better allowing you to better analyze data  and deliver well organized results to managers.

Performing GIS Analysis

In this course you will be able to advance your foundational GIS skills and improve your analysis skills. You will learn how to choose appropriate data, methods and tools to execute analysis for a specified project. You will also learn to automate analysis tasks, model temporal data, and apply spatial statistics for better analysis of projects. 

Using ArcGIS For Geospatial Intelligence

This course teaches geospatial concepts and the recommended workflow for using GIS in this domain. In this course, you will learn to perform geospatial data analysis (terrains, raster-based, temporal..) to evaluate possible threats or the suitability of locations for tactical operations. You will be able to create, manage, visualize and analyze all geospatial related data. 

Designing Maps with ArcGIS

This course focuses on the fundamentals of cartographic design principles. You will learn how to plan cartographic projects, choose appropriate data, and all the workflow for  creating high quality symbolized maps that are easy to read.

Practicing Geodesign with ArcGIS

Geodesign provides a framework and robust tools to support evaluation of design alternatives and their impact. In this course, you will learn to apply a GIS workflow to design a project from a to z. You will learn to  prepare and assemble data, and iterate to find different design alternatives and evaluate them and produce the most feasible design solution.

Image Analysis with ArcGIS

You will learn best practices and workflows to enhance visualization and extract meaningful data from satellite images, drone images and other remotes sensing data. This course covers dynamic raster processing functions, creation of time series mosaics and in depth exploration of image classification. 

Geospatial Concepts for Intelligence Operations

This course teaches foundational geospatial concepts. You will learn to identify appropriate geospatial data to create, organize and manage geodatabase. You will be able to use the learned concepts to create maps and outputs useful for analysis.

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