Pix4D Courses

Our Pix4D training program offers custom one on one and group trainings. We teach our clients all the advanced features of Pix4D in a practical way rather than using theories only. Depending on your previous knowledge in Pix4D and your needs, our team designs a custom training course to meet your requirements in the most efficient way possible. 


PIX4D is a professional drone mapping software used by commercial drone users. It can be used to build detailed 3D models and maps from any type of images including drone data. This course will teach you all the details of PIX4D offers and how to use it to create advanced georeferenced maps in the simplest way possible

Why Train with us

Certified Training Center

After the completion of the courses, our students will practice using Pix4D and are examined in order to get the Pix4D certification.

Custom Training

We give our students courses specifically designed for their needs. If you have a project and need help, our team will provide you with all the tools you need to complete your project.

Any Location

We can give training courses at any location the customer requires. It does not have to be at our training centers.

Different Levels

We can give courses of all levels starting from beginner courses to advanced Pix4D courses for professionals. 

Fast Training

Our training courses usually can be done in a couple of days. It definitely depends on the material the needs to be covered but in most cases it does not require more than 2-3 days.

Courses Content

Our Pix4D courses contain but are not limited to the following content:

Pix4D Essentials

This Pix4Dmapper Essentials workshop will introduce you to critical Pix4Dmapper workflows. You will learn how to capture accurate data, create, manage, analyze, and share 2D and 3D representations of reality. In addition to the theory explained throughout this course, there will be a series of hands-on exercises to demonstrate how to work effectively with the Pix4Dmapper solution. This course covers the following main points:

  • Introduction to photogrammetry
  • Introduction to Pix4D
  • Capturing better data
  • Project Creation 
  • Processing options
  • Processing workflow
  • Creating tie points
  • Adding GCPs and improving accuracy
  • Measurements

Pix4D Advanced

In this course, our training team will be taking a deep dive into processing projects that contain large datasets. This course will cover the best practices for planning, flying, organizing, and merging projects will be covered. In addition, we will discuss troubleshooting methods and highlight the “Quality Report.” 

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