Surveying and Mapping

Photogrammetry is the science of turning traditional two-dimensional photos into real, measurable models. With the recent advancements in technology our company is able to generate a wide range of high quality maps and models of your site with accuracy up to 0.7cm. Maxwell’s technologies can result different types of data outputs and maps to match your needs and requirements.



Maxwell can produce various scales of color (3-band, RGB) and color infrared (4-band, RGBN) digital orthophotography from aerial imagery. These high quality digital images of surface features in their geometrically-corrected true-map positions are used to produce high quality orthomosaics.

3D Textured Mesh and Models


Through its advanced hardware and software resources, Maxwell is able to capture top quality images and process them to produce 3D models and textured mesh. 



We use a complete photogrammetry workflow to generate an accurate DSM (Digital Surface Model). The DSM is then further processed to remove vegetation and buildings in order to create a DTM (Digital Surface Model). You will get an accurate DSM and DTM in grid format (.asc, .tif, .dwg) that you can easily re-import into any GIS or CAD software.into loyal ones.

Contour Lines


Contour lines are generated by connecting all the points of similar elevation together. These lines are drawn on a plan of a particular terrain to understand the nature of surface, identify cut fill volume, study water flow characteristics, estimate valley depth and steepness. Contour lines form a smooth curve of same elevation points. 

Reflection and Index Maps


Reflectance maps hold key radiometric information which is combined to generate the index maps which have become a universal growers’ tool for more efficient, less diseased, and better yielding crops. The information reflectance maps provide is something orthomosaics can’t capture or exploit to full potential

Thermal Maps


Thermography is a powerful asset integrity tool. It can provide users with detailed, non-destructive, analysis of your assets and equipment allowing you to make informed corrective decisions regarding the efficiently a component and assist in the assessment of remaining life expectancy.